Friday, February 22, 2013

Belly Dancing Week 1 Wrap-Up

It's 9:08pm and I'm freshly showered, though admittedly a bit breathless and hungry.

Belly Dancing went rather well I think. Monday I was a panting, sweaty, jiggily mess. Wednesday the panting went away, still sweating (though not as much), and jiggily. Friday (today) I was still a little sweaty, giggly (though I felt certain muscles move properly through the jiggles, and breathless.

Not bad.

Not great but not bad, there was improvement with the movement. =P

I admit that I missed a couple sets of hip drops on both the left and right side and I took 2, 1 minute breaks kneeling on the couch cause my feet hurt so bad. It was probably less than a minute, but I did pause the video and picked it up as soon as I could stand the pain.

Think I'm a bit breathless cause I woke up with a sore throat so it was a bit hard to breath. I'm also blaming the DayQuil for wearing off.

Breakfast was only had a black cherry yogurt. Yummy. I did get hungry at 7/8ish but didn't snack on anything.

I want a Coke like crazy. Or a McD's Sweet Tea, but that's for tomorrow night.

Later I'm gonna make a grape, carrot, ranch dip, cheese, beef jerky, and cracker plate. Also gonna make sure I have enough grapes piled on to snack on laters when the midnight need food craving hits.

Dinner is gonna probably be some sort of parmesan chicken he picked up.


My new air-mattress is tall and COMFY. If it weren't wedged between the bed and a storage container I'd fall out, most likely breaking something. He also picked up thingies to go under the couch legs to help it slide across the floor. (Made 2 trips, whatta man!) I'm happy to report it's AWESOME! So so so so SO nice to just gently push and the couch moves easily, and pull to bring it back into place. LOVE!

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