Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Packing

Packing, packing, and more packing.

It's surprising how hard it is to pack away everything into boxes. Trying to sort all of our little knick-nacks into groups. Most of them are very fragile and breakables. Forget newspaper. I've been using cloths that I'm keeping from my closet.

You know all that stuff that just seems to pile up on tables or in drawers. The stuff that's you don't throw away, it's not junk, but it dosen't have a home? Yeah. We seem to have lots of that stuff. I have been tossing the little things into the garbage that no one would buy.

We have 2 donation boxes set up. One upstairs and one downstairs. In it goes nice things we don't use or really want. Like a rice cooker. Brand new used once, never again. Some decorative utensils that Hubby's parents brought back from Africa that have never seen the light of day in our place. Like-new clothing that I'm way to big for. (How the hell was I ever a size 1?) I'll never get that small again, heck 1 boob can barely fit into some of the shirts. So yeah stuff like that all going to be donated to Good Will.

Some of the walls are nekkie and feel so sad. I've packed most of the smaller pictures away. Next to go will be our mid-sides pictures and wall hangings, then our 10ish large (movie poster sized) pictures.

Our apartment home is slowly turning into a barren space.

I can hardy conceive of packing our bedroom. It the last sanctuary. It's heartbreaking.

But one thing at a time, right?

So today it's more packing of our game room and the pictures off the wall on the stairwell.


Yesterday we did play D&D it was nice to sit back, relax, enjoy the company of our friends, and forget about the real world and it's stresses. An amazing game session. My poor character is having a hell of a time and one of the worst days in her life. Even an apology she made to her Guardian resulted in her being told off. Poor Elf girl just can't win it seems. But She tries.


Breakfast was an apple, a couple bites of leftover fried chicken (there wasn't any meat on the stupid wing) and a mouthful of Raisenets.

Lunch will probably be a bagel.

Dinner is going to be either spaghetti and pasta sauce or garlic butter.

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