Monday, May 13, 2013


Are you frickin' serious?

It just dosen't end, does it?

My kitty babies are getting old. I know Ebony is old, but Squee? Apparently he's old too. He's always been ageless to us. We learned that yesterday. We should have seen it coming. Poor Squee is constipated, he's probably been for 2 weeks(ish) now, but yesterday it was apparent something was wrong.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good kitty momma. I make sure my babies are fed, brushed, happy, played with, given individual loves, and treats. I watch to see how they feel. I can tell when someone is feeling off and make sure to give them space to rest. I've preformed many kitty peroxide attacks when someone has a boo-boo to clean it out, and I've also given them the kitty pink-cone treatment is someone needs it.

But yesterday Squee just wasn't acting right.

He kept trying to sit down but would freeze literally a inch off the floor. His tail was up and it would start to quiver, like before we got him fixed and he sprayed. At first I thought he was pee'ing but a quick check showed nothing. Then when he went to lay down he would start "digging" with his back paws on the carpet. Back paws only. He never did this before.

I watched his repeat the process for the next three hours while waiting for Hubby to wake up, growing worried. He was in mild distress. His eyes were clear, bright, his nose was moist. But he was having a problem sitting. As soon as Hubby woke up I told his what I've noticed. He was immediately concerned. Squee is his baby.

Squee is the only cat who cost us $500 way back when, to get fixed and stay overnight in the vet's with a little IV in his paw. Hubby fretted the entire time. Hubby was also happy to pay so much for his baby to get the best of care.

We checked Squee out, thinking he had a problem with his leg. He squeaked a lot (super cute) but let us look. I didn't find anything. There was nothing swollen, his claws all extended, I didn't feel any bite marks. We let him go and I tried to give his a treat which he refused completely. Totally not like him. I even put the treat to his nose and he refused to acknowledge it.

About a half hour later I found him on the bathroom floor his back legs wet with something. It didn't smell like urine so I ran my finders along a length and they came back slightly discoloured and smelled funny. Not nasty, not like blood, but odd. Yelling for Hubby to some upstairs I showed him. There wasn't any liquid on the floor or anything, he was cleaning a leg with crazy intensity, but didn't shy away from our prodding hands, or even seem to care.

Still thinking it was his legs we decided to let him be after I gently washed his fur off and watch him. He limped a but when he walked but the limp seemed to be changing from side to side through the next several hours. Watching his freeze in a squatting position hours later and his tail vibrating a thought struck me.

I felt like how he looks when the first time I pooped after my hospital stay.

I was completely backed up, thanks to modern medicine, it took hours, literally pain-filled hours to have a bowl movement.

"Hey sweetie I think Squee is constipated."

He nodded. Once again we said we'd watch him. I got him to eat a small handful of kitty food. He drank water.Hubby reported a hour earlier that Squee indeed wasn't poopin' He went in and out of the litter box 3 times and did nothing. We've both noticed him doing that on and off for the past week and a half. So I went online and did a search for home fixes.

We're gonna try and help lubricate his insides with wet food, mixed with some canned pumpkin, and some veggie oil mixed onto his dry food.

It's not uncommon for older cats to become constipated, and from what I read he's not in the danger zone yet. But he did give us a HUGE worry on top of all of our stress.

Today he seems a bit more relaxed. He's currently snuggling on my hip as I type. He got brushed out today. He did have a little bit of wet food that was reserved for Ebony this morning. I also watched him drink water several times so far.

Our babies being sick is the last thing either of us needs. Hopefully he'll be better in a day or so.

Squee, our gigantic baby.
(Again, don't be fooled by my weight in this picture it's over 5 years old.)


I'm not going to exercise again this week. Not for lack of wanting to. There's literally no room with all the boxes around. I also think I'm moving enough while packing. At the end of the day my back hurts and my feet are pretty painfully numb. There's so much to do. I'm pacing myself. Hubby promised to try and run the D&D game tomorrow.

Breakfast was a bowl of Honeycomb cereal with rice milk.

Lunch is gonna be leftover pot roast tips and mashed potatoes.

Dinner is yet another mystery. We haven't decided.

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