Friday, May 3, 2013

Not Enough Water

Yesterday and today I've been pretty bad about drinking water. We have Sprite in the house. Mainly so hubby can have something bubbly with dinner that's not caffeinated. Which means he gets me a can too. I can usually set it aside while eating and gulp my water cup down and he dosen't even notice.


Two cans of Sprite have been sitting unopened up here for a few days now, and I forgot to bring the water pitcher up, yes actually forgot, for the past two days. AND I've been too lazy to go downstairs just to get water so I popped opened a can yesterday and a can today to drink with breakfast.

Working out today I could tell I haven't had enough water. No bueno. Ugh!

I suppose this means I'm going to get the pitcher of water and drink it for the rest of the night.

Breakfast was an apple and a tea cup of Corn Chex. Yes I like to eat out of cups. I'm probably 5.

Lunch will be some garlic butter crackers, cheese, beef jerky, and another apple.

I'm trying to have dinner be pasts shells, sauce, and cheese. Hubby is fighting me on that, but maybe he'll agree later tonight, you know, when he's too tired to care, cause he work is hellish this weekend.

Yay Iron Man III. Not. Seriously it seems like the entire world waits for the weekend, but we dread it. Weekends suck. Seriously who the hell goes to the movies with a bad attitude? WTF people? Oh the stories I could tell. It would mortify you.


Remember when you are a asshat to someone at some business you probably just made their day suck. ESPECIALLY when it's a busy place. That poor person is probably already overworked, understaffed, not being given a chance to take a break, dealing with the busy chaos, AND THEN you yell/cuss/threaten them. Yeah.

How'd you like someone to do that to you?

Most likely if you were that employee you couldn't do anything back, cause then you'd loose your job.

Meh I need a drink of water.

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