Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Sunday

Okay, today I'm much calmer and centered. Let's talk about this past Sunday. Well I'll talk you read. =P

Hubby had the day off, as usual (yay!) he slept in till 6. Well we both did, but after we woke up we were playing video games. He had picked up Chinese food for us. Typical lounging Sunday. Then one of us (probably me) suggested we go watch Star Trek: Into Darkness. I knew he wanted to see it and I wanted to see it. A couple of phone calls later and he got the time for the last show. I was starting to panic.

Stupid, stupid panic.

There was a huge note to make though.

It was nothing compared how I normally felt.

The meds really made a difference.

Even the car ride was easier to handle.

Still panicy but totally not as bad. Hubby even mentioned it.


He even drove me around the apartment complex after the movie to show me what they added. I could never have handled that before.


Then, later that evening Hubby decided that we'd have 6 weeks left to pack. We'd stay through the end of next month. Which is amazing. More time to pack, less stress, and being able to move after the huge summer "blockbuster" movies are done.

Double yay!

Well that was Sunday. Monday I already wrote about, and Tuesday (yesterday) we didn't play D&D cause one of our players wasn't feeling well and her car had broke. So we lounged. It was nice. A very quiet day, we both wanted to play D&D pretty badly but made the best of it. I was a lovely day.

 I did have 3.5 cans of soda yesterday. 2 Coke and 1.5 Ginger Ale. Bad of me, I know.


Breakfast today is leftover sweet & sour chicken with white rice...and...a can of Coke.

Lunch is probably going to be the remainder white rice I didn't finish in my bowl. With water.

Dinner is going to be Mack & Cheese & Bacon. I am going to have water then too. 

I don't know what's with the Coke craving this past week, probably cause my period is going to start. I'm also still craving green beans. Gonna make Hubby pick up a few cans of those, like 10, when he runs to the store this week. A can of green beans for lunch is totally filling.

I didn't sleep at all last night, probably won't pack, and if I do it won't be much, today. I foresee some Dragon making going on later. So sleepy. Here's to hopes of a nap!

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