Monday, May 20, 2013


I thought to write today solely about what happened yesterday, but the Gods of Fate apparently have other ideas. So let's start with today. Less than 20 minutes ago actually.

I sent Hubby off to work, took up a dry bowl of cereal and the leftover smoothie from yesterday, upstairs, reset my internet connection, (Thanks huge thunderstorm.) and sat down to munch on my cereal.

I munched, happily, and then I crunched. Odd, shredded wheat dosen't usually crunch like that. But whatever I swallowed the crunchy part without chewing it up.

And then I felt it.

Something was wrong.

Oh dear Gods.

I swallowed it! Oh holy shit!

Carefully I swallowed the remainder of shredded wheat down then probed with my tongue. Yup, jagged edges and huge gap.

Oh holy shit!

Why the fuck does this have to happen now?!?!

My tooth, the one that had a crack in it, totally broke off.

What's worse is that it's a front-ish tooth. You know, one of those that show when you smile.

I don't even know how to tell Hubby.

I don't even.

That's the last thing we can afford to do. The absolute last thing.

Thankfully it dosen't hurt. It feels weird but not hurting. Okay I lied, it's a bit sore. I'm probing it gently with my tongue. No blaring pain yet.

I'll talk about yesterday, on another day.

Right now I'm a little shaken, and teetering between being pissed and crying.

Breakfast was a bowl of dry Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and leftover pina colotta smoothie.

Lunch is going to be something soft. Maybe Ramen. Or leftover Chinese food depending on how I feel

Dinner is probably going to be Mac & Cheese & Bacon. Soft food.

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