Monday, May 6, 2013

Of Dragons & Sleep

Change is happening in my household. Change isn't well accepted here, especially by Hubby. We have a nitch, we're comfortable, and happy. We're also dead broke. It's too the point whee we can't pay rent after next month.

Opportunity presented itself to us a few months ago. Daddy asked if we'd like to move into his place cause he's moving up north to be with his fiance and my Baby Brother is deployed overseas. The property need to be taken care of.

It's a opportunity to get back on our feet, in theory, save, and pay off our bills.

Half of my household has been packed for several months now. Waiting in a huge pile downstairs. The stuff we don't use every day. The stuff I "need" for a hour or so. You know, that kind of stuff. Th other half of our household is unpacked, being use, offering the comfort of making our place a home.

That's all going to go away.

Hubby is stressing.

"How are we going to pack everything? How are we going to get it down there? We can't afford a moving van or a storage shed! Where is everything going to go? I don't know if I can drive a hour each way."

It goes on and on.

It's not helpful that the summer movies started. His job is understaffed and overcrowded.

His stress is making me stress. I'm worried about him. I try to stay positive, especially when he's home. Positive, comforting, nurturing, empathetic.

We're not sleeping. Not for more than a hour here or there. Not well or deeply.

It's been 4 or 5 days now.

I'm not going to workout today. The couch is folded out and I'm too exhausted. Plain and simple.

When I'm overtired, lately, I've been sculpting.

I can't seem to sculpt at all when I've had rest. but sleep deprived? I'm apparently a frickin genius.

Amourian, the Dragon I shared pictures of before still needs his wings crafted and body details.

I've made his mate Suri. She's been a bit of a trial, but she's been sculpted and baked. There's fine detailing that needs to happen, some smoothing and carving.

I have some pictures, but can't figure out how to view them on my computer just yet, and the cord that attaches the camera to the PC is MIA.

The past 2 days while Suri was setting and then baking, I've been making paintbrushes from Neopets. There's a total of 62 - 64ish. The plan is that I'm going to make all of them and turn 'm into magnets. 8 sculpted so far.

I'm also envisioning a Ki-Rin.

Then a Dragon from our D&D game. Grax. Then a Baby Pheonix Dragon. A Gold Dragon. Then Ishtar.

This keeps up Hubby is going to come home to an entire Dragon Hoard.

I need sleep.


Breakfast today was a bowl of  leftover pasts shells, sauce and cheese.

Lunch will be a bagel.

Dinner will be breaded chicken over white rice.

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