Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bit of a Break

I've slept a bit the past couple nights. It was nice, but I didn't really fall into a deep sleep and I'm still having a hard time getting up in the morning. Today, Hubby let me sleep while he left for work. I woke up at 7p.m.

What the hell body?!?

I could have slept till 9 probably, if I didn't have to pee.

I'm not going to work out for the rest of the week, but instead try to rest, pack, and get back on track sleep-wise.

Do I feel bad for not working out? Yes. Very bad, but I'm tired internally and I can feel that I need rest.

It's funny how stress affects us over a period of time.

We didn't play D&D yesterday, much to my disappointment. Hubby has a migraine that lasted all the live long day. Poor man. I'm not going to lie, it was rough.

Burger King's amazing Pina Colotta smoothies are gone. Much to both of our distress. So after 2 days of me talking about it, Hubby bought mixins for our own homemade Pina Colottas, including a bag of ice, cause we don't make ice in our house.

The first one was okay, we made 1 HUGE cup to share. Then we made another. It was OMG so good! So much better than the first and just as good as Burger Kings.

I did learn that only 1 Pina Colotta a day. Tummy no likie more than that.

Breakfast will be (yes it's 6:30p.m. and I still haven't eaten) the remaining less than half of my Publix sub from yesterday.

Lunch will be a apple.

Dinner is a mystery. I have no freaking clue.

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