Friday, May 17, 2013

Poopin' & Packin'

I wish I had some new exciting news or at least an interesting rant.

Truth is, I don't.

I'm still packing. I broke into our last sanctuary and started packing up my books. Today I'm going into the closet (which is a storage area and costume closet no normal cloths in there) to see what boxes I have for our more delicate breakables. We usually keep them around. I'm also going to pull out our luggage and start packing our hard back books up. You know, the ones that weigh a milliondy pounds when put in boxes? Yeah, those. Our luggage has wheels, so, tada! Wheelin' for less luggin'. Or back breaking, I hope.

Squee still hasn't seemed to have pooped. He seems in less distress, but he's going in and out of the litter box a gazillion times a day with no success. I am so close to force feeding him a stool softener pill. Hubby and I are going to Pet Smart to see if they sell anything that might help him out.

Squee is currently lying on my lap, freshly brushed, and purring.

He refuses to eat the veggie oil soaked food. Annoying.

I feel kinda sick today, pretty sure it's cause my period will start soon. Yuck.

Breakfast was half a bowl of Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats, no milk, a can of Ginger Ale (for my upset tummy) and a couple of Pringle chips, cause I was craving something salty.

Lunch will be the other half of the bowl of cereal and an apple with water.

Dinner will probably be some pasta and sauce.

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